Holy Now – Wake up

Wake up is not just an incitement to get out of bed in the morning, it’s also the title of Holy Now’s debut single. Released through Lazy Octopus Records, this is that kind of song that you’d stop to listen only if the power goes out. Based in Gothenburg, the Swedish four-piece instantly capture your heart with its genuine dream pop, deeply affected by sweetness and melancholy. Julia Holander, the lead singer, has a unique, very recognizable voice that echoes through time and space, washing over the other instruments. Everything is gorgeous and melodies truly shine from beginning to end. Soaring and riveting guitar lines combined with yelling drums and sprawling choruses create a heartbreaking love song that you couldn’t get enough of. I had always thought that love at first sight was one of those nonsense things but after listening to Holy Now’s music, I’ve changed my mind. Enjoy it!