HËXĖ – Edge

Following up their impressive debut track Words, HËXĖ return today with their sophomore offering Edge. The London based alt-pop duo plays with contrasts, blending the soulful and shimmering voice of lead singer Lex Stowe with a pounding rhythm section and a throbbing synth that bubbles throughout. It’s sensual but also addictive, with extremely relatable lyrics as Stowe explains: “‘Edge’ is about liking someone but not being ready to commit. You’re standing on the edge, half of you wants to be with them but the other half just isn’t ready. You’re at the point where you have to decide whether to let them go or take the next step.

Speaking more in-depth on the song, she said: “I started writing ‘Edge’ way before Callum (Raab) and I had even met. At the time it had a totally different melody and the lyrics weren’t placed in the same way. After Callum and I finished our first single ‘Words’ we decided to build something together from scratch. We started putting some beats down and the these lyrics fit perfectly. With a bit of reworking it became what it is now!

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