Her’s – Marcel

Time to give a well-deserved space to one of the most interesting new guitar-band around. Her’s is the project of Norway’s Audun Laading and Barrow-born Stephen Fitzpatrick. Their previous singles Dorothy and What Once Was received the praise from disparate major indie outifits thanks to a deliciously vintage aesthetics and a songwriting of undisputable appeal. Their brand-new track Marcel is an exquisite piece of Californian beach-pop, interspersed with jingle-jangle riffs and laconic vocals drenched in 80’s dreamy toxic clouds.

There’s a curious story behind the song title. Originally called ‘David Seaman’, the name was changed after a shopping trip to a thrift store where the two found the wallet, of a man named Marcel, full of porn stars pics. After an internet research, they found Marcel was dead. Press paly to hear their tribute.