Her’s – I’ll Try

Coming home after a hard day’s work, so tired that you could barely keep your eyes open and your brain-switched-off, ready to blow up in three, two, one. All right, take it easy. ‘Utilise these intense sound waves to inspire your daily drudgery. Hold the almighty torch of ultimate exertion, as you endeavour the righteous path of fatigue, all the while keeping in mind, that perseverance is key.’ No, it’s not a philosophic aphorism, it’s a tip that these two good ol’ boys give to you. Let us be clear: the Liverpool based-duo Her’s dropped their latest song, and the thought mentioned above is what Audun Laading and Stephen Fitzpatrick told about the track. I’ll Try is a heart-lighted indie-pop ballad with jangle-pop suggestions, set up on a rhythmic pattern of saucy bass lines and steady drum beats. A lo-fi dreamy singsong, that with its therapeutic dose will cradle you sweetly, until clearing your mind of stressful thoughts; then the refrain goes and you’ll be completely satisfied. Ready for that?

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