Her Magic Wand – Everything At Once

Her Magic Wand is the electro-pop solo project of Paris-based artist Charles Braud. The guy spent last 10 months recording his debut album, which was mixed during the summer by Stephane ‘Alf’ Briat (Phoenix, Air) and mastered by Chab (Daft Punk, Sebastien Tellier). Listening to the first excerpt from the record, Everything At Once, it soon becomes clear that the above-mentioned collaborators were certainly not randomly picked. Surely Phoenix are a reference, but also the solo work of Julian Casablancas seems to have been a landmark for Braud.

According to his author, the theme of the song is synesthesia, “a neurological phenomenon in which letters or music are perceived as inherently colored.¬†There has been a lot of art dealing with this phenomenon, and the song mentions 3 references to actual works: the poem ‘Vowels’ by Arthur Rimbaud, the experimental theater piece ‘Yellow Sound’ by Wassily Kandinsky and the series of paintings called ‘Music – Pink and Blue’ by Georgia O’Keeffe“.

We are genuinely curious to see how Her Magic Wand will develop in the next months and where will bring his holder. Listen to Everything At Once below.