Henry Green – Real

Following up the recently-released Closer, UK singer/songwriter and producer Henry Green has unveiled the title track off his upcoming EP Real. Topped by Henry’s charming and sensual voice, Real is an emotionally charged downtempo tune, driven by a minimal yet sleek production made of subtle guitar leaks, sparse polished strings and soft electronic percussions.

Speaking on the track, Green said: “I remember feeling really excited when writing ‘Real,’. It started out as a load of lyrical ideas and a simple chord progression on piano, but there was something intriguing about the mood it was creating. A lot of the ideas were formed whilst on tour in Europe, but it was the week after, once I’d had time to reflect, that the song really took shape and I started to build up it’s production. The song is about allowing yourself to feel everything that there is to feel in one moment, not holding back and feeling complete euphoria.