Have A Nice Life – Burial Society

It’s been six years since mysterious Connecticut drone-synth-gothic rock duo Have A Nice Life released its debut, Deathconsciousness, in the most DIY and anti-viral way: they manually packed a pair of CDRs (which I bought from a reseller through eBay, spending ten times its original cost) with an unique booklet made by an university academic. Needless to say, it was a great contribution to turn a very solid album into a legend for a bunch of enthusiastic fans.

Anyway, the time for the (too) long-awaited sophomore has finally come: The Unnatural World will be out on February 4, via The Flenser/Enemies List. Defenestration Song has been the first song to be premiered (via NPR); now, Burial Society has just been unveiled on Noisey.

Welcome back, Big Gloom.