Hannah Lou Clark – It’s Your Love

I’ve been following Hannah Lou Clark from a while now. Her EP Silent Type was a collection of quite slow songs, full of nostalgia for ’90s guitar-driven music. But honestly, I lost track of her in the past year. So I couldn’t be more happy when a new song came unstuck on my Soundcloud feed last week. The new single, It’s Your Love, keeps that nostalgic vibe alive but significantly increases the pace of Hannah’s musical production, thanks to a twisted carpet of kicking vintage drum machine loops and clanging guitar strums, on the heels of Courtney Barnett’s recent success.

It’s Your Love is the title track of Hannah Lou Clark’s upcoming new EP, which will be released on April 22 through her own label Quatre Femmes Records. Speaking about the extended play, Hannah said to The 405: “Sometimes in life it feels as though people are holding a gun to your head, and you have to suck it up and get on with it. I wanted the music to replicate that repetitive feeling of frustration. This whole EP is really about that realisation, in three chapters.