Hannah Jane Lewis – Why Start A War

Here we are again, introducing another fantastic debut from a rising pop act. But tbh, we have a soft spot for this kind of sound so you can’t really blame us. Hannah Jane Lewis grew up in the stimulating arty environment of New York City, before moving back to London where she lives now and where she started writing music with songwriter Andrea Rocha. The result is a debut EP that will see the light of the day on June 17th. Why Start A War is the first song to be taken from it, a massive synth-pop offering boosted by a towering use of glitchy electronic and a vigorous rhythm section.

Speaking about the lyrics of this trac, Hannah Jane Lewis, whose shining vocals are an added value for the song, said: “‘Why Start A War’ is about when you really want to help someone you can see is struggling but they won’t let you in. So you kind of have to watch them battle it out in their mind and just be there when its over, which can be hard when its someone you’re close to.