HANA2K – Too Close

Following up her impressive and defo poppier debut single Jealousy, HANA2K has returned with Too Close, a song that showcases the amazing songwriting crafts of this 16-year-old songstress from Cardiff. Smoothened electronic percussions, finger snaps and swelling arrangements embrace the song’s soulful melody, which matches perfectly with heartfelt vocals. Too Close reminds me of Kiiara, but with less glitter and more heart.

Speaking on the track to TLOBF, HANA2K said: “It’s about being so close to somebody as friends [that] it’s just not possible to take it further,” Evans says of the new material. A self-imposed ‘friend zone’, if such a thing even exists, or just the knowledge that sometimes a good friendship standing the test of time is worth more than what may only be a fleeting romantic endeavour.

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