Guest Mixtape: Going To The Masses

Going To The Masses is a mixtape made by Waves For The Masses that features contribution from the artist that are part of its roster and from musicians they are watching closely.

In particular, there are tracks by:

Niagara // Their sophomore album has just been released and will be launched live on September 19th, at Varvara Festival.

Parks, Squares andò Alleys // Sergey Khavro is 21-year-old anf comes from Khabarovsk, a city in eastern Russia. His LP, Against Illusions And Reality, is about to come out.

Lemonait // Secret project of two young producers from Rome. Follow ’em.

Leave The Planet // Featured multiple times on Going Solo. Enough said.

FBCFabric & Reindeer // The most criminally overlooked hip hop artist of the current decade.

Grimm Grimm // Space Folk artist, who collabed with Bo Ningen and will release a single on Kevin Shields’ Pickpocket Records.

Sato Sato // Italian London-based duo, their The Architecture Of Torment EP is out now.

M!R!M // Following the infernal Heaven LP, he is turning ethereal, very much like his side-project (Leave The Planet). New single out on September 26th.

Tying Tiffany // Stills one of the most promising Italian artists around.

Intimatchine // Dark wave duo from LA, their debut EP is called I’ll eat you last.

Kavemura // Venice-via-Hong Kong musician, signed to Bad Panda Records, very cool.

Going to the Masses by Waves For The Masses on Mixcloud