Gryffin & Illenium ft. Daya – Feel Good

If there’s someone who’s really making waves at the moment for his ability to mix his forward-thinking production skills with emotionally-charged pop melodies, this one is Gryffin. The latest offering from the LA based producer and artist Feel Good is an implicit confirmation of what stated above, a synth-laden track marked by heavy beats and bejeweled by the powerful voice of Grammy Award winner Daya.

Speaking on the song, Gryffin said: “The lyrics that Daya came up with had so much intensity to them — writing about that significant other in your life who puts you in a positive, happy state of mind, even when bad things may be happening in your life or in the world. I wanted the production to reflect that intensity, but at the same time create a really positive vibe. My goal with the song was to find that balance, and I ended up hitting it by adding a lot of synth sounds I’d never used before, and by bringing in different guitar textures and then flipping them in a new way. That’s what the Gryffin project is about overall: making electronic music but using real guitar and real piano so that there’s this organic feeling to every song.