Ladies and gentlemen, finally I’m 100% sure. Finally I can write it without hiding myself. Ready?? Ok! Norwegian psych-pop trio Great News is one of my favourite surprises of the year. No doubt about it actually. Three months ago was unveiled their first single WONDERFAULT, and I was struck by its beauty. Completely crushed on the loop. And now it’s finally time for the second round, NEVER GET MY LOVE. Oh my God, this track is awesome as much as the first one. It starts like a Battles’ song actually, but with soothing and distorted vocals. Then it changed style, and it becomes more psych-rock like tame Impala or Morgan Delt. But in the second half of the song something happens. It shows electronic textures melted with screams and repeated synths like the best Animal Collective’s stuff. I’m speechless. Moreover, this enjoyable track is (only) the second pastry from their upcoming LP Wonderfault out November 3rd. I’m exited like a baby. I want to hear them live honestly. 

Talking about the song via email, they said:“When you´re feeling down and isolated, there’s this voice, like the Devil on your shoulder, telling you to go out and get numb. I am telling him that, sure, we can play around and waste away, but you can not touch the ones I love or get too deep inside my soul. He will never get my love, and he won´t take my love a way from those who are closest to me.”

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