Grapell – Arrow

“Initially we were inspired by ‘King Kunta’ by Kendrick Lamar when playing around in our rehearsal space. But in the end it turned out to be something completely different. It all happened very spontaneous so we wanted to release it that way too. We’ll see if it ends up on the next release we’re currently working on” said the Stockholm-based duo Grapell to the guys over at Clash Music¬†about Arrow, their new single which follows last year’s Friends EP. Usually when you have had such a classy influence, which happens to be also extremely distant from how your music sounds, then you’re probably doing it right. It’s the case of the above mentioned new track of the Swedish duo, which is so very deeply intimate thanks to the beautiful falsetto vocals and a simply memorable saxophone.

Listen below.

Arrow will be out on July 31st via Strangers Candy.