Gosh Pith – True Blue

Detroit duo Gosh Pith reveal the second single from their upcoming debut album. Titled True Blue, the track probably represents the most poppiest moment so far by the two. There are still, of course, reminescences of their winning signature cosmic-trap sound, but here hip-hop influences of the previous releases give space to a more traditional dreamy verse-chorus form and the result is truly intoxicating.

Speaking about the track, they stated: “The idea for ‘True Blue’ came to us while we were in the car late one night driving home from a show at a college town in the Midwest – we got pulled over and had a real trippy hour or so with a state trooper. Like most of our music, sex, love, and drugs are the forefront of the story but at its essence of the song is really just about staying true to yourself and everything you stand for

Gosh Pith will be on tour starting from October 1. Check-out all the the dates here.