Gosh Pith – Smoke Bellow

You may remember Detroit-based duo Gosh Pith as featured in an episode of our Going Inbox column. Smoke Bellow is the second offering from 23-year-old Josh Smith and Josh Freed and also one of the best example of “cosmic-trap”. Put some spacey synthesizers over sharp electro beats, take a dreamy voice singing as an Outkast’s member and you’ve got a tune. Or, at least, a Gosh Pith’s song.

Smoke Bellow was written after a long night out at a warehouse rave” says Josh Smith. “We were driving home, passing people on the road on the way to their 9-to-5, and my thoughts were teetering between robbing a bank or renouncing all of life’s comfy norms.

Smoke Bellow will be officially released in late December accompanied by remixes from Jamaican Queens, Jonah Baseball, and others.