Gosh Pith – In My Car

Gosh Pith‘s sophomore EP Gold Chain was released only in February but the cosmic-trap duo formed by longtime friends Josh Smith and Josh Freed is already back with its follow-up, a smooth song titled In My Car that digs heavy into the liquid sound of the Detroit duo, who crafted it in one of the oldest churches of their hometown, which was recently turned into a creative hub by a group of local artists.

Speaking on the track, Gosh Pith said: “In My Car is about trying to get someone into the car. I don’t have a car currently but Josh does, I just wanted to talk about being impatient and focusing on one moment, one question, one request. We wrote the song pretty fast because it is about such a microcosm of interaction – the whole 3 minute song is about a 10 second interaction of pleading or telling someone to get in the car. We were a bit sick of hearing music about long winded concepts and grandiose meta themes – so we said we’d write a song about a single powerful moment in time, and we did. Tiny moments can be just as poignant as the big moments in life.