Goldwash – Why Hide It

LA-based pop artist Gabe Acheson, a.k.a. Goldwash ,has returned today with Why Hide It, a first taste of his upcoming Episode EP. The song is a mix of alt-funk, jazz textures and R&B vibes, held together by a multi-layered yet effective production topped by the alluring voice of the rising artist. Acheson has even invented a fitting name for his sound, he calls it “existential funk”.

Speaking on the track, Goldwash said: “I wrote this song with my friend DJ Stanfill. We tried to capture twisted, seedy energy of a wild basement party with honest lyrics and heavy instrumentation. The song is lustful, and uses thick, 12-part saxophone harmonies and Lex Luger strings to get at that woozy, hard-driving feeling.

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