Goldwash – LDR

Hailing from Baltimore and now a LA resident, Goldwash is basically an all around artist. Singer/songwriter, pianist and producer, he and his “existential funk” are making their way through the blogosphere thanks to a cool mix of twisted electronic textures, R&B nuances with a shimmering pop edge and and throbbing bass. Goldwash’s latest offering LDR, whic is also the title-track of an upcoming EP, comes along that path and it’s a song full of ups and downs, made of made of glitchy beats and raw, emotional vocals.

Speaking on the track, Goldwash said: ” I had just pulled several all-nighters to finish up my work in my senior year of college. After turning in my thesis in the morning, I met up with some friends and went to hang out in the woods to celebrate the glorious weather and our statuses as former students. I was wandering among the trees, deliriously tired, and I started to think about how the person I loved was living with a spiritual cult on the opposite side of the world. I realized that even if we were thinking of each other, the different circumstances of our lives had created a deep chasm between us.

At this point, I’d cut an early demo for LDR, but after this strange day of reflection I knew that the track had to become more intimate. When I added piano and the outro, the song finally told my story: reminiscing about emotional unity from a great distance, and how strange it feels to be so disconnected. I hope LDR captures the sheer weirdness and sadness of that day.