Goldwash – Episode

Goldwash calls his music “existential Funk“. But what exactly does it mean? In the words of the London native, LA resident artist “jazz-infused indie-electronic baroque-soul” was a a little bit too much, so he had to summarize it somehow. So I won’t even try to describe how Episode, the title track of his upcoming new EP, sounds; let’s just say that it’s sexy, you can dance on it and at some point a horn section pops up.

About the song, Goldwash said: “I woke up on my 23rd birthday with the chorus of Episode fully formed in my head. A few weeks later, the events that I described in the verses happened, and I knew I had to put the pieces together. The rest of the composition was built out over the next few months, with several musicians and co-producers contributing their magic to the track. The story is sad and confusing, but I hope the song feels so good that you might not notice the meaning the first time around.

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