Golden Age – Tinted Windows

Tinted Windows, the new single by NYC-based act Golden Age, is a cinematic, dark-pop rousing track blessed by the alluring voice of Sydney Sahr, the marvelous front woman behind this project. The nostalgic lyrics and the evocative soundscape have been inspired by the mythological stories that her grandfather used to tell her on the characters that frequented the bars he owned in New York in the 70s.

Speaking on the track, Sahr said: “‘Tinted Windows’ is about giving in to the pull of an enigma, which is a bittersweet sensation. It’s torturous to give yourself to someone who can’t be vulnerable in return. The lyrics reflect that struggle. But sonically ‘Tinted Windows’ is almost joyous because it feels good to surrender. I think if you’re putting yourself in harm’s way (which is sort of inevitable in love), you might as well go down dancing.

Tinted Windows is off Golden Age’s upcoming debut EP Heroine, out on July of 2016.