Going Inbox #72

Everyday tons of emails reach wearegoingsolo@gmail.com (keep ’em going!). Every week we would like to cover at least 3/4 of the awesome music we get there, but, even at our most productive, we still can’t. So, we decided to start a new regular column that will feature the best tracks we received by email but we haven’t had the chance to feature during the week. Enjoy.


Name: The Lottery Winners
From: Lancashire, U.K.
Genre: guitar-pop
For fans of: Peace


Name: Claudia Kane
From: London, U.K.
Genre: trip-pop
For fans of: Massive Attack


Name: Solo Woods
From: Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Genre: r’n’b
For fans of: Frank Ocean


From: Melbourne, Australia
Genre: garage-rock
For fans of: Wilco


Name: Lola Coca
From: London, U.K.
Genre: alt-pop
For fans of: Lily Allen


From: Liverpool, U.K.
Genre: r’n’b
For fans of: Kwabs


Name: Drones Club
From: London, U.K.
Genre: electro-soul
For fans of: Adiam


Name: Holy Boy
From: Norway
Genre: alt-pop
For fans of: Nico


Name: Sleeping Lion
From: Boston, U.S.A
Genre: electro-pop
For fans of: Phoria