Glints – Egotism

Posterity will judge, and I take full responsibility for what I am about to say: I am pretty sure we are going to hear more about Glints. Yes, because the Belgian rising star J.M Lemmens, after the release of a faithfully Ep, has returned with a new fascinating tune. It is no different from watching an expressionist painting, when only after a careful examination, you’d be able to tell apart all colours; at the same way, the astonishing sound stratification at the heart of Egotism is the main reason why this track requires more than an easy listen. Egotism gets inside your head not only because of the perfect marriage between rap and poetry but also owing to create a unique sound, despite the presence of different music genres. So that is how experimental electronic, rap, hip-hop and pop come together into a hypnotic and colourful melodic prism. I would like to conclude by saying a few words about Glints’s voice, the big lead in this song, that wrapped in a pile of steam, glides through the rhythm of pulsating beat in an emotional and profound dimension. Check out Egotism below. Looking forward to hearing new stuff.