GIUNGLA – Forest

Italian alt-pop sensation GIUNGLA shared earlier last week another glimpse of her multifaceted talent. The new single, Forest, distances itself from the dream-pop vibes à la Beach House of previous offering Cold, rather embracing the fuzzy side of her self-labeled #camouflage sound, made of thumping urban beat and distorted guitars drowned in a sort of Peaches-like echo.  The result is quite remarkable and the only 2 minutes & 21 seconds length of the track leave us compulsorily demanding for more.

*As Massimo pointed out clearly in this post, GIUNGLA’s debut EP will be released through Factory Flaws, Marco and Mattia’s newborn label. All the other members of the Going Solo’s team are not involved in this venture, so I felt free to write these words about GIUNGLA as if she were no different from any other artist I like. No pre-order link then. If interested, google it!