Girl 20 – Barely There

I’m sure that you will agree with me if I say that this time of year is like a long Monday. Cold weather makes me feel achy and bored, and I’d stay in bed all the time rather than go outside. There should be more than a single shock to feel energetic again. What if the solution is a simpler than we thought? Sheffield based five-piece Girl 20 debuts brand new track titled Barely There that marks the return of a band that you may well have heard of (Blessa). Well, I have been listening to this tune on a constant loop since this morning, and suddenly I feel better. A top-notch electronic gem, ranging from art R&B and synth-pop, teeming with high pitched synth and warm glitchy beats. Liv’s voice is emotive and gripping throughout, soaking up the instruments pulsing sound and keeping the entire immediacy intact. A radio friendly tune that pulses into veins, raising dreamy and introspective landscapes that instantly drawn the whole atmosphere of the track. A band you should definitely keep an eye and ear on.