Gina Kushka – Hurtproof

With a production that crosses paths with the recent TĀLĀ x BANKS collab (courtesy of Jay Weathers), the new offering by London-via-South Africa popstress Gina Kushka has everything to satisfy our music palate. Hurtproof opens winking at R&B due to Gina’s drowned opening vocals supported by a sequence of bouncing beats, but then the song turns out to be much more complex in its structure, sliced in half by sharp synths and bejeweled by the awesome SIA-esque vocals delivered by the Londoner artist.

About Hurtproof, Gina Kushka says: “Since I was very small, I’ve felt things pretty intensely. I always thought that I didn’t fit in or that it was abnormal to feel things so deeply. I had to find a way of protecting myself, so I created the concept of being “Hurtproof”. It isn’t a physical reality, but a confession of vulnerability. Being honest and opening up my heart is my way of finding strength.