Ghost Loft – Barely Breathing

Los Angeles based producer Ghost Loft has already quite a career on his back. Among other things, he released a couple of successful singles on his own and remixed several famous tracks for the likes of jj, Ryn Weaver and The Neighbourhood. Today he returns with Barely Breathing, a song that perfectly succeeds in conveying the feeling suggested in its title. In fact, the trakc’s minimal production, which is built around sparse electronic beats and glacial synth lines mixed up with those fragile vocals, draws an icy soundscape that leaves you nothing but breathless.

Speaking on the track, Ghost Loft said: “Music has always been very therapeutic for me, whether it be listening to it or writing it. I was in a pretty dark place when I wrote “Barely Breathing.” I was feeling depressed and suffocated by my anxieties. One night all of the lyrics just poured out of me and I felt some solace through the process of writing this song. Initially, I had reservations about releasing the song because of how personal it was. However, in doing so I hope that it can reach somebody out there going through the same thing.