Georgia Denton – Prisoner In Motion

Pop culture is probably the fastest one when it comes to create new icons and, right after, find out those who could replace them in the near future. Especially in pop music, this happens on a regular basis. So while Dua Lipa has just released her first album, a 16-year-old artist from Melbourne is dropping her debut single laying the foundations for taking her place one day. Georgia Denton‘s first offering Prisoner in Motion is a compelling pop tune that highlights the soulful and nuanced voice of the teenager singer and songwriter over a breezy soundscape made of upbeat drums and punchy guitar licks.

Speaking on the track, Georgia – who for this track has teamed up with local song-writing and production team SONIK – said: “Prisoner In Motion is dedicated to my loyal following. It expresses the process of my transition into becoming an artist and the emotions involved with growing up as a teenager.

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