GEMS – You In My Dream Pt.1

July 9th was full moon again (in Capricon, just in case you believe in this kind of stuff), which, as you should know by now, it also means new music from GEMS . You in my Dream Pt. 1 is the seventh track lifted from the duo’s Every Full Moon series and it’s really a good one. The song is soaked in nostalgic memories painted by the mix of organic guitar licks, soft synth lines and subtle electronic, whilst Lindsay’s and Cliff’s voices seem to come from different dimensions, as if they were talking to each other but they were not in the same place.

Speaking on this song via e-mail, Lindsay said: “When I listen to this song, I’m transported to the living room of the house Cliff and I shared for a year together, almost suffocated by the still air in the 90 degree heat, the late afternoon sun pouring through the sheer curtains, illuminating the bits of dust hanging in the air. How did I exist in this limbo for as long as I did? It’s only been a month and it feels like a lifetime ago, like a barely tangible dream. I go there now as a visitor, and it’s nice to see my old friend, my closest collaborator. Nothing can ever take that away from us.

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