GEMS – X Valentine

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. You all know what it means. We’re not interested in gossip, even when it’s music-related, but this part of the story is important to understand better the subject of GEMS‘ new single X Valentine. Some of you may already know that Clifford and Lindsay are no longer a couple but nevertheless they have decided to continue to remain together as a band and to gift the world with their music. Now that you know the background story, I’m quite sure that, beneath the vintage percussions and dreamy guitar chords, you’ll be able to find the deeper and meaningful reason to enjoy this song.

Speaking on the song, Lindsay said to us over email: “‘X Valentine’ is the third single in our series ‘Every Full Moon’. This one goes out to all the heartbroken singles out there this Valentine’s Day. The song came out of an intensely emotional experience when I returned home over Christmas, found boxes of old photos and letters and realized this Valentine’s Day will be the first in almost a decade that Clifford and I won’t spend together. However, ‘X Valentine’ isn’t a funeral dirge, but a recognition of a past great love and the resilience that two people share as they move forward through life alone.