GEMS – Poison

I’m really getting into GEMSEvery Full Moon project. Each track released so far by the Los Angeles dream-pop duo was really really good and it also revealed a new side of their own history and personality. Their latest offering Poison makes no exception, a nuanced electro-pop track marked by soft synth lines, hushed drums and Lindsay’s alluring voice.

Speaking on the track’s meaning via email, Lindsay said: “This song embodies the doubt and disillusionment I felt as the magical world I had created with my partner of 9 years slowly began to crumble. Our first official release as GEMS was an EP called Medusa. Today Hart Crane’s poem of the same name speaks to me:

by Hart Crane

“Fall with me
Through the frigid stars:
Fall with me
Through the raving light:-
Where is no song
But only the white hair of aged winds.

Into utterness,
Into dizzying chaos, –
Of my locks!

Behold thy lover, –

I relate to the notion of falling into a crazy dream only to find yourself trapped in ways you never could have imagined.

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