GAPS – She Bears A Flower

It’s been a while since Brighton duo GAPS put together a handful of delicious demos introducing their minimalist and ethereal soundscapes to a growing number of plaudits and fans. They continue now to breathe fiery warmth into the cold season, by releasing new single She Bears A Flower. It sounds indeed as charmingly esoteric as we expected. The Walt McNee-video that accompanies the song is recorded in a strange, smoky context, where a dancer dressed head to toe in gold sequins twists and turns over a rocky terrain. The band keeps adding subtle textures and affability to their sound, that feels now quite inviting and enveloping (even though it’s full of shadowy corners). The song (which is about the burden of being blessed with a natural gift) is dream-like, full of mystical lyricism.

She Bears A Flower is out 1st December on Sexbeat Records. Listen below.