Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam – Cave Me In

Ok, a Grammy nominated artist may seem a little bit out of place for a buzz-blog but please, try to make an exception and press play to Gallant‘s first new music of 2017, the follow up to his amazing last year’s debut LP Ology. The LA-based prodigy teamed up with two South Korean superstars – Eric Nam and Tablo – to release Cave Me In, a 90-R&B infused tune which is somehow reminiscent of Craig David’s big successes and believe me, it’s ace.

About the track, Gallant stated: “When we all met for the first time, our energy just clicked- and that synergy manifested itself into this record”. Tablo added: “Feelin’ blessed to be a part of this beautiful song. With my verse, I wanted to talk about the inherent double-bladed nature of love. As the title of the song implies, love is often simultaneously gentle and violent. Hope it hits close to home for ya”. And then Eric Nam: “‘Cave Me’ In has a bit of a throwback 90’s RnB vibe but remains trendy and easy to listen to. Had a good time working with some great friends on a song that touches on the complicated nature of love. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as we enjoyed putting this together”.

Cave Me In comes along with a Hong-Kong-shot video: