Gallant x Jhene Aiko – Skipping Stones

I need to be honest with you. I’m embarrassed in front of so much talent. It’s just too much to deal with. And of course a joy to listen to. Gallant returns today with an insane track titled Skipping Stones, which is the result of teamwork with singer Jhene Aiko and producers Adrian Younge and Stint. It’s a jazzy, indulgent slow jam that seems to be built solely to frame Gallant’s out-of-this-world voice. Listening to him gives me the same feelings of when I watch Leo Messi playing football (for US readers, please replace Messi with Steph Curry and football with basketball..): we’re witnessing something rare.

Skipping Stones is part of a two-track release together with Borderline that will be out on Red Bull Music Selection.