Gabrielle Aplin – Miss You

I’m kind of the worst man on earth to discuss about artists who reached success through Youtube covers or being part of TV programs such as X-Factor. I don’t even know who the big guys are here in Italy and I discovered just the other days that this not-so-good duo who’s making waves among Italian (female) teenagers was discovered by their major label thanks to their succesful Youtube cover songs.

So it should not surprise you if I admit that I never heard of Gabrielle Aplin until yesterday. Perhaps due to the fact that the kind of music she created in the past couple of years wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. But today she has returned with a new song which marks the beginning of a new course. It’s called Miss You and it’s nothing but a great pop song. So addictive. Usually, my focus is mainly on up-and-coming artists, but this sounds, in a certain way, new. At least, it’s new to me at least and I wanted to share it with our readers anyway. Listen below.

Miss You is the title track of Aplin’s upcoming new EP, which will be released on her own, brand new label Never Fade Records, which which was founded “in order to give young talent and unsigned artists their first stepping stone in the music industry.