French For Rabbits – Feathers And Dreams

I think that French For Rabbits are nothing less than the music I need in my life to feel safe. It’s like going home or meeting my girlfriend…they’re my safe place. More than one year passed after the first time I listened to Goat and then planned a small Italian tour for the band, but the feeling is always exactly the same. Feathers And Dreams is the new single by the Kiwi band and it will be included in a forthcoming EP due out next year via Lefse Records. Needless to say, it’s another amazing dream-folk elegy which seems to hail from the fog and it has everything of Mazzy Star (Brooke please, stop being so similar to Hope Sandoval, my heart is fragile).

This is what Brooke Singer (which is also the “real singer” lol) stated about the track to the guys over at Under The Radar who premiered the track: “The new song is part of a collection we have been recording over the past year at The Blue Barn, in Wellington, New Zealand. I wrote the song in Waikuku Beach last year, when we were living in a little cabin over the wintertime. We had a fireplace, and I was sometimes fearful that a bird might fly down the chimney and into the fire…! So, that idea became a metaphor for how we can sometimes feel powerless about terrible events happening in the world, when the only thing to do is watch it unfold. The song is a little bit of a mantra that speaks of not living in denial, even if we are powerless to help a situation – it is more honorable to see what is happening, than to choose to ignore it”.

Listen below.