FRASE – The Weight (ft. Sickflip)

Outside everything seems grey, the fog is gaining the streets and the people look like zombies ready to eat our brains, but fortunately I bumped to a colourful chink called The Weight. So let’s breathe some air and smile to everyone listening to this chillwave pearl made by singer, Multi-Instrumentalist & Producer FRASE. Basically this song has downtempo textures with tropical and chillwave elements like soothing synths, happy beat and looped profound vocals. There is something psychedelic in this song actually, something that makes you lost in a sunny Island. A wonderful sunny Island without fog and zombies. By the way, Sickflip’s collaboration is a pure joy for the ears, absolutely to clap your hands in the air rhythmically. Furthermore, you can feel this way with his whole work called FRNZ, out three days ago via all devices. Check his website here  for any info. Now leave me alone, I need to close my eyes and press play again please.

Talking about the song via email, they said: “The lyrics for this song had been circling in my head for a while before I had the chance to record it. While touring in India in 2014, I met with a local producer based in Mumbai called Sickflip. We got together at his studio with the intention of working on a track together and I showed him my ideas for “The Weight” on the piano. He knew immediately it was the track he wanted to collaborate on.”

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