FRAME – Love Wasted

Guess who’s finally back? Brooklyn-based artist Caitlin FRAME has finally broken a silence that lasted two years by sharing the song Love Wasted, which serves as first excerpt from her forthcoming 9-track debut album. It’s a song that plays with contrasts: while instrumentals sound vividly bright and dreamy, you can distinctively taste a bittersweet aftertaste in Caitlin’s vocals.

This feeling becomes even more clear once read her words about the track: “The forthcoming album depicts the tail end of an 8 year relationship I was in and its breaking points – an open marriage and our idea of polyamory, intentionally breaking explicit rules we placed for one another and falling in love with someone a decade younger. It sounds salacious, but I think the fear of what love becomes after it’s over is universal. I also think having a constant companion throughout my 20’s made those years feel less uncertain because we had this love, a sense of comfort was easy to settle into, so to have that all fall apart on the cusp of 30 felt like a true failure. I’m really happy with what I turned those emotions into, I can listen to these songs and it reflects the struggle, but it’s also a beautiful book end to my marriage.

Listen below.