FOURS – Painful To Watch

Dan, Jez, Luke and Edith are FOURS, a London-based alt-pop band who released their debut EP Everything I Never Said in late 2015 (you might as well remember the single Damage). The quartet has recently shared the follow-up to the extended play, a rousing record called Painful To Watch that brings the band upbeat and and it does so with class and mastery. The song is build around relentless percussions and constant interweaving of funk-tinged indie-rock guitars, which serve as springboard for Edith’s impressive and proud vocals.

Speaking on the track, the lead singer describes it as being about “…constantly contradicting yourself, telling yourself you don’t want someone & that your better without them but never fully being able to tell them to fuck off. I wrote the verses very angry, and then I wrote the chorus as a message, basically reassuring myself that I am actually a functional human and everything’s okay really!