Forth Wanderers – Slop

In the winter of 2013, Ben Guterl, a guitarist and songwriter from Montclair (New Jersey) was trying to find a way to talk to a girl named Ava Trilling, who was a year ahead of him at high school. So he sent her a demo, because he knew she sung from middle school not intending to start a band, but only to find an excuse to hang out (the guy may or may not have had also a little crush on Ava at the time).

So, long story short, that demo came back with vocals , Ava just graduated from high school and with Ben and three of his classmates – guitarists Duke Greene, bassist Noah Schifrin and drummer Zach Lorelli – have formed Forth Wanderers, a damn fine alt-rock signed to Marathon Artists & Father/Daughter, which will release their new EP, SLOP, on November 11. The five-piece dropped the title track ahead of the album release a week ago, a song that stands somewhere between the sound of labelmate Courtney Barnett and Pavement, thanks to a remarkable guitar work and Ava’s mesmerizing vocals. Listen below.