Foreign Air – In The Shadows

Foreign Air‘s debut single Free Animal was an instant classic, that kind of song of which you fall in love at the very first listen and then you simply can’t let it go. So follow up a track like that was a very tough task. Luckily for us, Jacob Michael and Jesse Clasen are two extremely talented guys and they came back today with another stellar tune called In The Shadows. What to expect? Flirting guitar twists, sensual vocals and ravishing percussions, all blended together in a killing mix that we’re sure will blow your mind away.

Speaking about their music, Foreign Air said: “There is something very animalistic and ritualistic in the way we deal with putting the past away. You get tunnel vision and don’t see all the other great things and people around you. You’ve got to keep your head up or you won’t see the things that lie ahead of you.