FØNX – Hit Me Hard

Corey Fox-Fardell is not new on the British music scene but this new incarnation certainly is. Hit Me Hard serves as perfect introduction to his new project FØNX, a song marked by a relentless pace built around shimmering guitars and thumping percussions, with a vibey, funk-ish aftertaste that fits perfectly with Corey’s soulful vocals. FØNX recently worked on an EP of new music, co-produced with Tommaso Colliva, from which this song is likely taken. Listen below.

Note for our non-Italian readers (i.e. the most of you): when you say the name of Tommaso Colliva in Italy, you’re basically talking about the guy who defined the sound of our independent scene in the last decade. Other than recording and producing for the likes of Afterhours, Perturbazione, Zeus!, Le luci della centrale elettrica and more, he also founded Calibro 35, a band known worldwide for their peculiar sound inspired by the soundtracks of Italo-crime, poliziottesco movies of the Seventies. He also worked on the recordings of a couple of Muse’albums.