Flora Cash – Sadness Is Taking Over

Scandi art-folk duo Flora Cash have shared the first song off their upcoming, yet-untitled new album. The song’s title, Sadness Is Taking Over, is already in itself a hint of what sets the mood of the track, a brooding, anxious dialogue between Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall, whose interwoven voices disclose inner feelings of emotional freedom and desire to overcome a heartbreaking moment over an atmospheric soundscape made of gentle guitar chords and soft percussions tainted with an essential and ethereal production.

Speaking to TLOBF, the duo said: “With ‘Sadness Is Taking Over’ we were attempting to express inner thoughts and inner feelings in a way that feels less like dialogue between two people and more like eavesdropping on the private voices of their psyches. There’s a real coherency between the two individuals but also some kind of fundamental disconnect which really strikes at the heart of the message; ‘And it’s like nothing ever happened,’ don’t you tell me.’