Flora Cash – Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine)

Thank you Internet/Soundcloud for building up the relationship between Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall till the marriage. We’re really grateful to have the chance to go on hearing the output of their personal and professional collab through the Flora Cash project. The follow-up of their gloomy art-folk single Sadness Is Taking Over is called Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine) and has a quite brighter indie-pop mood which reflects into the lyrics, a hopeful hymn towards a “worry less-live more” spirit.

Concerning the song, the half Swedish/half American duo stated: “it is about embracing imperfection and temporality. It’s about an attitude of acceptance and the willing – (almost joyful) – embrace of change, not fear of it”.

The track is available via the Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art.