Fletcher – Live Young Die Free

Surprise!! Rising NYC-based popstress Fletcher leaked her new single Live Young Die Free one day in advance to the official release. The song follows up her highly successful debut War Paint and it’s modeled on the same distinctive traits, starting with an infective chorus to sing along (loudly). Thumping electro beats and waving background vocals mark this stunning release, that finds its climax in the wonderful bridge around 02:12, which is solely highlighted by the charming voice of the New York songstress.

Speaking with Teen Vogue, which premiered the track, Fletcher said: “To me, the song isn’t so much about just living in the moment, but rather about it never being too late to push yourself to take risks and make opportunities for yourself in this world. I grew up in a place where everyone was the same and had the same aspirations. No one ever dared to be different. ‘Live Young Die Free’ is about living life with no regrets whatsoever because I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.