Fjord – I Get It Now

Finally! Canadian nu-soul duo Fjord have broken a silence that lasted more than a year – well, tbh they shared a great cover of Neil Young’s Hey Hey My My but you know well that we don’t feature covers – by dropping a new original single that sounds nothing but terrific. It’s called I Get It Now and allows us to reconnect with those piano-driven, synth-infused melodies that made Fjord’s fortune last year. That vibe of ethereal fragility is still there, underpinned by some nearly perfect alluring vocals.

Speaking on the song and its creative process, the duo said: “We wanted to make a melancholic, yet , intense electro pop song about the ambiguity sometimes present in relationships; love, lust, loss & things left unsaid. The foundation of the song unfolded itself quicker than for any song we had ever made before. We had just gotten back from our shows at M for Montreal, sat down in the studio and recorded random ideas just for fun, for an hour or so. Next morning, it hit us both. We had the main components of the song locked in. We even kept Thomas’ original voice track from that night because we could not achieve to capture that same essence anymore.

I Get It Now comes ahead of the release of Fjord’s debut album Textures, which drops on September 16th.