Fjer – Better

Denmark native, New York-based singer/songwriter Fjer (pronounced Fee-Yair) has unveiled her new track Better, which is out now via Quintic and it was produced by Danish duo Nector. What stands out most immediately is Fjer’s voice: passionate, affecting and heartfelt. An irresistible pop tune with upbeat rhythmics and sounds that overflow from all corners, in an enchanting flow, a little dreamy and some noisy. In an area involved glitch, electro soul and R&B, the artist is good at realising a continuous morphing on timbres and atmospheres.

Speaking more about the origins of ‘Better’ FJER explains how her approach to the track was “like opening a time capsule to the past and explores the nuances of relationships changing over time. I discovered that someone I was in an on/off relationship with hadn’t changed one bit. There seemed to be this notion that we were just gonna pick things up were we left off – so it was written to remind them of how much ‘better’ we could’ve had it, had they chosen me.”
If you dig this song, be sure to check out her website for more details!