Figmennt – With Me

What a nice feeling when you find something you like and you can not do without it. The cool thing about writing for a music blog is just to share these moments and appreciate its rarity with another people.

This time I talked to you about a UK band, exactly from Teesside called Figmennt. With Me is their new single, moreover, this is just a little taste of their ability, which will be tested with their new upcoming self-title EP released via STILL WATER Recordings. From the first seconds of the track, they will remind you about the great shoegaze era, when My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive reigned with their underground sound. But this is not the only impression actually, because they are able to mix this genre with space-rock textures like A place to Bury Strangers and dark-pop sounds like Mode Moderne and The KVB. Their style is seasoned with dark and nostalgic shades like reverberating guitars, perforating drums, melancholic melodies and distorted vocals. If what I said is not enough, listen to the song below and get an idea of it. It will not disappoint you. 

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