Fickle Friends – Cry Baby

Fickle Friends are longtime favourites of this blog. Actually, they were one of the very first bands to be featured on this blog. So we can’t be nothing but happy to see how far they went, all the praises they’ve achieved to date and still not losing an ounce of their best quality, which is of course to create great pop tunes. The UK-based 5-piece have made a terrific comeback thanks to their new single Cry Baby, an otherworldly catchy single that carries sensible ’80s vibes, built around highly danceable rhythms, infectious synth hooks, groovy percussions and the sparkling vocals of Natti Shiner.

Speaking on the track to Stereogum, the lead singer Natti said: “I watched the John Waters film on New Year’s Day with someone I’d just started hanging out with and the title Cry Baby definitely triggered something in me. As quite a cynical person I’m often very quick to question both my own and other people’s capacity to feel…emotion…anything, and that’s what ‘Cry Baby’ is about really. That and the fact I found it quite odd to miss someone I’d only just met.