Fear of Men – Luna

Do you remember when, back in the 50s and then again in the 80s (expecially in the indie-pop world), your favorite fanzines used to come with a tiny flexible 5″ vinyl? It was called flexidisc (due to its softness and its capability to be even folded). It was one of the best collectible things ever, and for their new single, Luna, Fear of Men have decided to bring to light again this old format, with help provided by DIY label Art is Hard. The single (limited to 300 copies worldwide) is accompanied with a 20 page a5 magazine curated by the band itself and features photos, words and lyrics. It could be pre-ordered here.

Luna is taken from FOM’s forthcoming debut album Loom  (out April 21st via Kanine Records) and is one of the best, sparkling indie-pop songs we’ve never heard in a while. It really overflows you with its perfection. Until it hurts.